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Technology and law are always changing. It's important to maintain a healthy appetite of industry news and trends to keep up with the times. Continual learning is not only good for office bragging rights, it's great for your career. Expand your knowledge base and your options. Learning is good for your health and can increase your happiness. That may sound like a stretch, but it's not. There is even research to support it.1


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Even if your role does not include the words "Project Manager" in the title, Project Management is a skill needed by most (if not all) eDiscovery professionals. Survey respondents from the Women in eDiscovery 2019 Salary Survey  indicated that project management was the top task performed across job titles, yet only 5% reported holding a formal project management certification. This post examines the following: Pros of...
I'll start with the disclaimer that this is post is explaining a complicated concept in  super simple  terms. Relativity's backend infrastructure is a behemoth to maintain and understand. Having a little bit of knowledge on how it works can be a huge help for Relativity Administrators and anyone using the platform. This is Part 1 in a series to help you understand the basics of how Relativity works behind the scenes, specifically...
Time and time again (usually during a happy hour), the common question comes up "Is it worth it to get my RCA?" Some people want me to say "No!" to validate their reasons for putting it off, but I won't do that here. For those who are debating on whether or not to take the RCA exam, keep reading. Quick - What is the RCA? Per the Relativity website , "The Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) program ensures that...
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